Keeping the Lines of Communication Open

Collaboration is an important part of the workplace these days. Those working in the Seattle office may need to access a document that those working in the Miami office are working on regarding a possible merger or some other important business matter. Having the ability to copy and transfer documents quickly and easily can help a business save time and money.

While most documents can be sent electronically, it may be necessary to keep a hard copy of a document for legal purposes. For example, it may be necessary to keep a signed copy of a disciplinary notice in the event that an employee is fired and sues for wrongful termination.

Those who work in a school setting may not be able to transmit documents electronically to students. A worksheet or a test may have to be done by hand and submitted to the teacher. Therefore, having Xerox copiers available to make copies of worksheets for students is a valuable resource.

It is important that everyone has access to the documents that they need when they need them. Otherwise, it could cause a communication issue that could be difficult to resolve. That could result in lost time or lost money that a company cannot afford to lose.